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Sturtevant Richmont Global 400 system

The Global 400 for MES Interface

The Global 400 performs as a station dedicated process controller that organizes, directs workers, tools, and tasks. It also brings a powerful networking capability not previously available in the Global 8 and the Global 100 series.


  • Less rework and lower warranty costs to increase profits.
  • Increased throughput and increased productivity.
  • Minimal implementation time, training costs are very low.
  • Pairing tools with a Global 400 are as simple as providing power to the tool.
  • The Global 400 helps provide continual guidance to new workers, for improved performance and reduced learning cycle.
  • Helps you to achieve your quality goals and gain complete control over assembly processes where hand torque and pneumatic tools are used.
  • Great for flexible assembly lines where multiple products are assembled with a variety of optional components and configurations.
  • Flexibility in changing a single element of the process or the entire process with a few keystrokes in a very intuitive, easy to use utility software provided with your Global 400.
  • Connect with your MES in multiple protocols via Ethernet or 24 Volt I/O and PLC.
  • Simultaneous Ethernet communication allows for production control via MES and data acquisition through GlobalHost or ToolsNet.
  • Units can be chained together via one Ethernet drop reducing installation costs.


Tools are learned into a tools bank. These tools may then be paired with a parameter set that can be used individually or combined into groups and/or jobs. 

  • Error Proofing By Guidance: Global 400 Manages up to 16 torque tools and 8 “holding tools**” in up to 100 parameter sets.
  • Parameters can be organized into 100 groups.
  • A group has the capacity of up to four parameters sets organized together for simultaneous use in production.
  • Groups and individual parameters sets can be organized into jobs.
  • A job is a predefined, preset sequence of events (parameters and groups) in an assembly operation (Capacity is a combination of 35 parameters sets or groups).
  • Jobs, groups, or parameter sets can be accessed by keypad, I/O, barcode scan, or network assignment.

When tools are organized into groups, up to four torque tools and four holding tools can operate simultaneously or in any order. The Global 400 indexes to next step in the job after all four tool tasks are complete.

The Global 400 has two separate event logs. The memory capacity for network events, including power up and password changes are 20,000 events. The capacity for logging torque events is 10,000. Data can be exported in csv. format.

All reporting includes date/time stamped torque event results plus the unit of measure, attribute/actual torque value (depending on tool capability), job number, product ID, unit number, event number etc. Reporting is completely configurable with the Global 400 Manager Software.

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