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School is back in session. What are the top engineering schools up to?

What are the top engineering schools up to?

With more than half of U.S. skilled trades workers over the age of 45, it is important to look to the future of manufacturing and stay up-to-date on what the top engineering schools around the country are focusing on.

So What Are These Engineering Programs Up To?
Austin Weber’s “On Campus” blog post highlights a variety engineering schools and programs throughout the country. Three of the featured colleges for 2016 are Penn State, Kennesaw State University and Michigan State University.

Penn State
Logistics and supply chain management is the focus of Penn State students this year. So much so that Penn State has roughly 38 faculty members and more than 1,000 student majors dedicated to supply chain education and research. Some of the topics students are focusing and performing research on are: analytics, risk management, security, sustainability and talent development.

Kennesaw State University
The Kennesaw State University students of the Alternative Energy Innovation Center (AEIC) are focusing on renewable energy conversion, solar thermal technology and energy storage systems. To help shine light on the topic of energy and to help others understand the fundamentals of energy the (AEIC) has created the Energy Hunter video series.

Michigan State University
Students at Michigan State have been working on new ways to make cars lighter and stronger by researching new ways composites and materials can be joined without compromising the structural properties. Composite-material research has been a focus of Michigan State’s for many years. In fact, Michigan State leads the light-and-heavy-duty vehicle technology component for the Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation.

Preparing for an Aging Workforce
Staying current with the trends of engineering programs around the country is one way to prepare for the onset of an aging workforce. To help you continue to lay the foundation to the road ahead, Excel Assembly Solutions has created this complimentary report, “How to deal with an aging workforce in manufacturing.” In this report you will learn how to access your current workforce and make policy and programs changes to retain your older workforce and much more.

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