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PINpoint Manufacturing software

PINpoint V5 – Effective Plant Floor Management “Out of the Box”

Does your corporate strategy for plant floor management start with an investment in the same custom developed basics every time you launch a new line? Is the result a series of islands of control that never appear to contribute to a single, constructive end? PINpoint V5  is a user configurable product, built from the ground up to be the most comprehensive plant floor management tool available in industry today. Whether your focus is plant management, engineering, production or quality. Introducing PINpoint Information Systems Manufacturing Execution System (MES), / Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) "Solution" for unprecedented assembly line error-proofing, and maximized product quality and assembly efficiency (plant floor monitoring and full-process control). PINpoint's MES/MOM software is ever-evolving, and has been pushed-forward by leading manufacturers since 1997. Now available in Version 5.1 (V5 MES & V5 ANDON) as of 2018, the newest version features a powerful real-time Manufacturing Intelligence (MI) Performance Dashboard for at-a-glance reporting of Goal Planned Actual, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and Cycle Time/Takt, on any wireless device from the cloud. PINpoint's V5 ANDON software is the perfect 'Entry Level' product to start your long-term manufacturing execution strategy. V5 ANDON provides you a plant floor communications platform (paperless manufacturing) with PINpoint's powerful MES at its' foundation. With V5 ANDON system 'SmartScreens' at each workstation, and plant-wide large screen performance displays installed throughout the factory, all manufacturing stakeholders are knowledgeable of the current assembly line production performance (and where problems are occuring so they can be remedied quickly.


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