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NEW Milwaukee Digital Ratcheting Torque Wrench

The new Milwaukee digital ratcheting torque wrench provides a solution for our customers that currently use pneumatic tools for assembly followed by a torque wrench to verify the fastener is properly seated.  Using strain gauge technology, the Milwaukee digital wrench both monitors and controls the applied torque to a fastener and shuts itself off at a predetermined torque.

So what does this mean?

Traditionally a manufacture of a product that required a standard air or electric ratcheting wrench do to accessibility to the fastener is dependent on the accuracy of the wrench which in almost all cases can be +/- 20% of the desired torque.  In our new world of zero defects this would require a post audit of the torque applied via a certified click wrench.  This cost time therefore money for our customers.  With the integration of a strain gauge torque transducer in the head of the tool, the Milwaukee digital wrench is capable of being programmed to shut off at a desired torque with an accuracy of +/- 2%!!

So now our customers can put the hand torque wrenches, ratcheting wrenches and click wrenches in a cabinet marked "museum piece".

How about saving process time without decreasing but instead increasing quality?

With this advanced technology using a integrated torque transducer and digital processing, the M12 FUEL DIGITAL WRENCH allows are customers to assemble their product quicker and with the confidence that there desired target torque has been achieved.

The advantages

*Faster installation time

*Precise torque output and verification

*Reduces operator fatigue

*Reporting capability of the assembly process

Please download this PDF for a complete breakdown of the capabilitiesof the new Milwaukee M12 fuel Digital Torque wrench.

Feel free to contact Ron at ron.hauck@rhinotoolhouse for a demonstration on line or at your facilty.

M12 wrench pdf 





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