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Celebrate National Hobby Month with us!

National Hobby Month occurs every January. What better way to kick off the new year than with starting a new hobby or picking up an old one?

Hobbies come in a variety of shapes and forms. Do you enjoy housework, DIY projects or woodworking? Maybe your favorite thing to do in your spare time is working on cars. Or perhaps you are starting a business of your own and need to add some tools to your collection.  If you don’t currently have a hobby, ask yourself what you enjoy doing with your free time. Find a friend who has similar interests and look into classes in your area.

For your woodworking needs, we have a wide selection of auto feed drills, screw feeders, grinders, sanders, buffers and polishers along with material removal tools. For your automation needs, we offer a variety of auto feed drills, screw feeders, air drills, air motors, and tool balancers.

We also provide miscellaneous products such as sockets and bits and numerous safety and ergonomic products like air movers, anti fatigue mats, and lift tables.

What sets Excel Assembly Solutions apart from the rest is that our customer dedication is second to none. We take pride in the products that we offer and we strive to deliver the best customer service possible. We are a small company that delivers in a huge way.

Not only do we offer products, we offer services as well. Check out our tool repair & calibration services page and contact us if you have any questions!

We look forward to hearing from you.

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