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ESTIC Handheld Nutrunners: Ergonomic low reaction DC hand held tools

ESTIC CORPORATION leads the industry in the field of transducerized tools designed for high accuracy, repeatability and low reaction to operators up to 100 Lb.Ft..

    • Handy2000 Touch is the controller designed to improve the usability with a large size touch screen. 
    • It has a backward compatibility with EH2-HT30/40 series, and all types of EH2 series tool model can be connected with. 
    • The Boost mode which increses the free run speed 150% faster than current controller models is added. 
    • Icons assist the user for easy operation of editing parameters and viewing tightening records without PC. 
    • Based on the concepts required by users such as fastening accuracy, environment friendliness, safetiness, handheld nutrunner as accurate as fixtured nutrunner is now available with minimized reaction force. 
    • This series are all transducerized and angle, pistol and straight tools are available. 
  • Various applications are also available in order to fit various conditions of fastening.
Click here to view a demonstration of the ESTIC torque control assembly tool system



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