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Error Proofing Click Wrench Assembly Applications

Sturtevant Richmont      Global 400 Wireless Error Proofing System


Do you have an assembly or a repair bay situation where you want documentation but need the operator to make all the decisions about the work sequence? The Global 400 and GIM 400 do that for you as easily as it controls everything.

The Sturtevant Richmont Global 400 process monitor is the wireless torque hand tool game changer. The Global 400 organizes workers/operators, tools, work, and data into one cohesive approach. 

  • Benefits:
  • Less rework and lower warranty costs to increase profits.
  • Increased throughput and increased productivity.
  • Very short implementation time, training costs are minimal.
  • Pairing tools with a Global 400 is as easy as tripping the power switch on the tool.
  • The Global 400 helps provide continual guidance to new workers, for improved performance and reduced learning cycle.
  • Helps you to achieve your quality goals and gain complete control over assembly processes where hand torque and pneumatic tools are used.
  • Great for flexible assembly lines where multiple products are assembled with a variety of optional components and configurations.
  • Flexibility in changing a single element of a process or the entire process with a few keystrokes in a very intuitive, easy to use utility software provided with your Global 400.
  • You can have all the functionality and advantages of a PLC system or even an MES without the cost.
  • The optional GIM 400 provides communication with light-stacks, and socket /tool trays all operated via 24 Volt I/O.
  • The GIM 400 in conjunction with the utility software creates a virtual windows based PLC.
  • Data acquisition through Global Host or Global 400 Manager software.

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