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Does Your Digital Torque Test Equipment Indicate You May Be Making a Mistake?

The TorqTronics 2 From Sturtevant Does That and More.

SR TorqueTester2

Torque testers get the same rough treatment that torque wrenches get. Just like a torque wrench, you can't tell if it is within tolerance or not by looking at it: it has to be tested.

If your torque tester is out of tolerance and you are testing or calibrating tools with it, you are making errors instead of preventing them. 

The Sturtevant Richmont TorqTronics 2 helps guide the operator to ensure there are no mistakes. Click here to view a short video which explains the SR "Fail Safe Engineering" built into every TorqTronics 2. You can also request a quote; our expert sales engineers are here to help!

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