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Desoutter PIVOTware Process Control Software for Assembly

 PIVOTware process control software features a touchscreen station, called Infinity, a robust and flexible solution to keep production running smoothly.

Infinity runs on island-based architecture, meaning each device operates independently. Station configuration resides locally and centrally. The system features centralized storage, and is easy to deploy and fully scalable.

Infinity’s modules include production management systems, quality management systems, and visual management systems. Infinity modules can be used to control the entire assembly line. Users can send build instructions using the production management module. Quality issues can be quickly addressed, and products can be flagged for rework instructions using the quality management module. Production status and line flow can be easily monitored using the quality management module.

Manage and monitor line changes and assembly flow and communicate to all devices on the assembly line, regardless of tool brand. Interactive, electronic work instructions guide the operator through the process.

With advanced accuracy and error proofing features, the software can control production lines, send manufacturing orders, trace processes, and store per-product ID for end-user traceability. Standardized processes can be connected between plants on a worldwide level. PivotWare can be a plant's common platform to record and analyze all activities on the manufacturing floor.

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