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Zero Gravity Tool Balancers - Decrease Injury and Increase Production

Tool BalancerLooking for ways to reduce worker fatigue and increase productivity while maintaining an ergonomic work environment? Tool balancers could be your solution! Choosing the right tool balancer is important and there are many options available, so we understand that it can be overwhelming.

Some tool balancer models are supported by coil springs, while others use telescopic arms to keep tools in place. Some have different features that prevent tools from being loaded incorrectly or prevent tangling. It is necessary for businesses to look closely at specifications for these types of tool balancers to understand what range of motion or three dimensional space they will support.

Tool Support Arms
Tool support arms are a particular type of tool balancer system that uses well-crafted adjustable pieces to hold tools in place, either in operation or for storage. These types of systems offer “true linear and parallel alignment” for tools. They also provide ergonomic support, as well as preventing the fastener alignment errors that can occur with some other kinds of tool holders. By moving a tool in three-dimensional space, these arms relieve the pressure from the worker’s limb, and the weight load from the operator’s wrist, providing physical support through an entire range of motion. As the worker operates the tool in three-dimensional space, the telescopic arm provides the torque to propel the hand and the tool to a particular destination. These products must be designed for durability and ease of use -- they can’t jam up during operation or break down in any way. Many models provide for either tabletop or wall mounting, while others are mounted on a ceiling. Regardless, mounting systems have to be straightforward and resistant to both wear and error.

Zero Gravity Tool Balancers
Zero gravity tool balancers are innovative models that essentially allow tools to hang in the air wherever they are left when the worker’s hand is removed from them. One way to think of the zero gravity support is that it offers the worker a type of environment where he or she is going to encounter a tool exactly where it was discarded, every time. Another way to think about it is that, with no gravitational force acting on the tool, it’s going to be “inert” when it’s not being moved around by a human operator. The productivity benefits of this kind of design are evident. Instead of searching for a tool on a table top or in a rack system, the worker is going to intuitively know where tools are, because they will be hanging suspended from the tool balancer, exactly where they were left. Zero gravity systems effectively eliminate many small tasks, for instance:

  • Setting a tool down on the tabletop
  • Enclosing a tool in a protective case, or wrapping it with cloth
  • Balancing a tool on its side, top or bottom
  • Bringing a tool near to a particular surface in a workspace
  • Implementing an additional range of motion with the tool in hand

Excel has you covered.

We offer a variety of tool support arms and zero gravity tool balancers for your manufacturing needs. We help businesses protect both their people and their tools.

Contact us today. Our experienced sales engineers can guide you in the right direction.

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