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Cleco Cell Core Wireless Transducerized Tools


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Cell Core Review

The new Cleco Cell Core line of fully transducerized wireless assembly tools for critical assembly was designed to set itself apart from the competitors by price, ergonomics, and ruggedness.  Using blue tooth technology, up to ten tools can be connected and run simultaneously to one controller for easy programming and data storage.  A large user interface located on the tool allows for easy programming without the need of a controller.  The two transducers(torque-strain gage,angle encoder) gives the user all the torque/angle strategy used in traditional corded tools.

*Durability-  We have found that most cordless tools cannot survive a fall from 2 feet or more.  The Cell Core has been drop tested up to 1.5 meters.  It is also guaranteed not to require any maintenance up to 500,000 cycles.

*Ergonomics-  The new ergonomic design and housing material provides        unprecedented hand comfort and balance for the operator.

*versatility-  The tools can operate as "stand alone", or pair with any of the Cleco line of Global controller platforms. The tools come in either pistol grip up to 16 Nm, or right angle up to 50 Nm. The tool boast the fastest speeds up to 2480 RPM.

*Price-  Hard to beat a fully transducerized tool that can be purchased for $2500.00.

In conclusion- our customers who are currently using the tools on their assembly lines have given it a 5 star rating.



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