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Who is Cleco Air Tools?

In 1894, Cleco was founded as Cleveland Pneumatic Tool Company in Cleveland, Ohio.  Today, Cleco is a leader in manufacturing with unparalleled experience delivering assembly tools and systems for a wide range of applications in the automotive, energy, aerospace and general industries.

Cleco’s line of pneumatic assembly nutrunners is among the broadest on the market. Suitable for a wide range of applications, Cleco nutrunners are available in up to 3,000 different configurations making it easy to find the right tool for your specific task.

Cleco’s most significant invention to date is the Clecomatic Clutch, which has been replicated by every major tool manufacturer in the industry. The Clecomatic Clutch is lightweight and delivers strong torque repeatability and long calibration cycles. These nutrunners are designed to allow operators to accurately control torque without sacrificing speed. When the desired torque level is entered, the clutch will automatically shut off once that torque level is reached. The Clecomatic Clutch is engineered to suit a wide range of applications from fast-paced assembly to aerospace. Each unit is tested and certified by a technician prior to shipment.

Maintaining precise torque levels is critical in any assembly operation. To suit the needs of a wide range of customers, Cleco offers a more traditional type of nutrunner, the stall control. These nutrunners rely on fastener resistance to prevent over-torqueing. While not as precise as the Clecomatic system, stall-type torque control nutrunners can still deliver accurate performance when used by trained operators.

One of Cleco’s most unique tools is the LiveWire. This tool system is exclusive to Cleco, combining traditional fastening technology with advanced Wi-Fi connectivity. Some features of this tool system include digital process controls, onboard electronic intelligence and an integrated barcode scanner. Up to 10 LiveWire tools can run from one controller and each tool can perform up to 99 jobs. LiveWire cordless nutrunners are compatible with the Cleco mPro400GC global controller, making them easy to integrate into an electric tool system for safety critical assembly applications. Cleco’s controller and intelligent spindles has the ability to run up to 32 spindles with one cable running to one controller. This feature puts Cleco’s multi-spindle ahead of the others when it comes to running multi-fixtured spindles.

Of the many brands out there, Cleco's line of inline screwdrivers is known as the assembly tool standard. Cleco screwdrivers provide users the ultimate in light and medium duty assembly tool performance. Options including multiple reversing methods, different clutch styles, numerous handle alternatives, and a wide variety of accessories provide the building blocks for tool configurations designed to meet the unique assembly application requirements of today's industry.

Excel Assembly Solutions is a proud and authorized distributor for Cleco Air Tools. View our product collection or contact us for a quote.

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