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3arm Manipulating arm for assembly

The lightest portable manipulator with various quick change gripping systems (jaws, vacuum or magnet), the operator can work in excellent ergonomic and safety conditions while gaining an increase in productivity.


Implemented ergonomic improvements to the process such as work without postural strain, no fatigue due to weight tool loading, repetitive movement and vibration as well easy handling and positioning.
Operation cost is also reduced through 85% time reduction and 1 operator instead of 2. Eliminated strain and other job-related injuries.
The 3arm manipulator torque arms can be used on bench mount applications as well as free standing regardless of tool weight or torque.
We design arms to fit applications involving the need to manipulate an assembly tool in various positions allowing for one tool and one person to do the job.
contact Ron at for free consultation and design to meet your application needs.

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