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Five Steps to Creating an Ergonomics Workplace

Ergonomics aims to reduce and control risk factors and injuries caused by workplace related hazards such as: improper body postures, repetitive movements, material handling, vibration, force, mechanical compression and other elements. Below are five steps to help establish or enhance your company’s ergonomics’ strategies:

1. Think Big and Long Term - Efforts need to be planned and focused long term and on a global level. You need more than isolated short term projects and ergonomic assessments. You need cost-effective improvements that will reduce injury risk and boost productivity.

2. Educate and Train - Before acting, make sure everyone on the team is prepared for what’s coming. Engineers may need ergonomic design education, and employees may need training on work methods, body mechanics and using various equipment.

3. Be Proactive – Always Think Ergonomics - All new projects and processes should be designed with ergonomics in mind to keep costs lower and prevent previous efforts from becoming useless.

4. Measure Results - Results assessment will help you improve your effort continuously and ensure the desired returns on your investments. Track your progresses monthly and annually, and file reports carefully so that you have access to the information whenever necessary.

5. Learn from Your Mistakes and Improve - The reports and measurements recommended at the previous step will help you see what you did wrong and give you the chance to learn from those mistakes, avoid delays and focus on the methods and strategies that paid the best results.

Start Now!

The sooner you begin, the sooner your efforts will pay off. Ready to learn more? Download our, "10 Ergonomic Best Practices for Manufacturing" for a look at how to improve your plant's ergonomics - and keep your workers happy and healthy.

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