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Are Your DC Electric Systems or Air Tools in Need of Repair or Calibration?

Many workplaces make use of air-powered tools and DC electric systems to accomplish a variety of tasks. Air compressors can be used to power nail guns, for spray painting devices, and even auto repairs can be done with the help of pneumatic air tools. However, all too often many air tools can really take a beating due to day-to-day wear and tear on a factory floor. For instance, many air tools,

  • Get thrown on the concrete floor or tossed in a pile of tools
  • Accidentally get run over by forklifts or trucks

These types of actions sadly can potentially cause the internal mechanisms within the tool to become misaligned and/or broken. While you know the reality of this all too well, how can you help prevent this unnecessary damage from occurring?

Tips to caring for your Tools
Time is tight, especially when your team is trying to make their daily/monthly quotas. To help your team care for their DC electric tools or air tools consider providing:

  • Incorporating tool balancers for additional care of the pneumatic air tools
  • Identify safe areas/workstations where employees can reset their tools vs. dropping them on the floor
  • Add shock-absorbing padding around the work area or resting spot for added tool protection

Servicing your DC Electric Systems or Air Tools
Scheduling regular maintenance and checkups on your pneumatic air tools is also important in helping to ensure the tools are performing up to expectations. To help, Excel Assembly Solutions offers an ISO 17025:2005 certified Torque Calibration & Tool Repair Center. Recognized as a premier tool repair center for pneumatic and electric assembly tools and equipment, our service engineers can assess, calibrate, and repair most air powered tools, electric/ DC electric tools and controllers.

Interested in learning more? Contact Excel Assembly Solutions today.

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