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Injury Prevention Tips for Manufacturers

Injury prevention, especially in manufacturing, can be a daunting task that everyone needs to play a part in. It is a long-term effort that takes place at every level of the organization and encompasses everything from decision making to the behaviors of employees. The following are simple tips of measure that decision-makers can take to ensure that their workplace is safe, secure, and minimizes work related injuries and work related musculoskeletal disorders. These tips include:

1. Review Injury Records
First, review injury records and assess risks for immediate injuries, ergonomics concerns, and repetitive injury-prone areas.

2. Start an Ergonomics Committee
An ergonomics committee has been proven in many case studies sponsored by NIOSH and OSHA to be effective, prevent onsite ergonomics injuries, and be helpful for both businesses and workers.

3. Take Human Variability into Account
Attributes like age, gender, skill level, experience, and background bring with them many variations in how one works and what one needs.

4. Know Your PPE
Another factor each employer must take into account before production begins is the personal protective equipment (PPE). In order to properly identify what PPE needs a company has, one must evaluate what types of hazards are encountered on a day-to-day basis to determine how each piece of PPE is to be used.

5. Make Workplace Checklists
Before the day begins and ends, each employee and manager should look around their workstations and ensure that each one meets safety standards.

Checking off these five items in a place of business has been proven to reduce worker fatigue, time-off requests, medical problems, and leaves of absences. Learning more about workplace injuries is in everyone’s benefit.

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