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1 million cycle warranty

Streamline your assembly line and increase your return on investment.

NeoTek exceeds the industry’s most demanding assembly requirements by combining over 50 years of experience with smart technology:

  • The NeoTek 30 and 50 series tools have angle heads that were engineered to provide 1 million cycles maintenance-free, while delivering class-leading repeatability of 2.0 Cm/Cmk at +/- 7%.
  • NeoTek’s tool cable features an industry-first quarter turn twist-lock design, thus eliminating one of the leading causes of tool cable failure: damaged threads.
    The use of digital communication from tool to controller reduces the number of tool cable conductors from 28 to 8, significantly decreasing cable diameter and reducing average cable weight by 50%.
  • The Cleco mPr0400GC-Hybrid controller supports industry standard protocols and fieldbus communication which allows for easy integration into any manufacturing environment.
    The hybrid controller features a large touchscreen with an easy-to-use software interface. Programming can be done directly from the unit or remotely from a PC using the included license-free software.

The Cleco NeoTek fastening system is the next generation of smart tool solutions.




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